She-Ra Season 3 Drop and Ugly Cake

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Season 3 is out now and I could not be more excited. I am Halloween or Christmas level joyful. And holidays mean food.

So, to commemorate this occasion, I planned to make a cake. Bright colors, fruity. Cheerful. I went with strawberry. Last weekend, I did a trial run -- Bob's Red Mill vanilla cake mix, cream cheese swirl (cream cheese, egg, whey, Torani syrup -- like in brownies), strawberry jam swirl. In the bundt pan.

This was tasty, but did not release from the pan at all. I thought I greased the pan evenly with butter, but not enough, apparently. Since it was just friends, I scraped the sticky-stubbornness off with a spatula, and we ate it alongside the cake. Plus whipped cream. No complaints, except for me. Ugh.

The only answer is upside-down cake. The strawberries on top (plus the brown sugar and butter) will forgive all uneven-ness and any Cake Loss that is stuck to the pan.

I greased the pan with canola oil. Cake loss was minimal.

I'm pretty jazzed. We'll watch She-Ra with cake! Twitter is already buzzing with the new season, but I am trying not to be spoiled!

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