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New fosters!

Pagos is interested in humans and a social butterfly.

Todora is timid and quiet.

Goga starting to come out of her shell a bit. She is active and social with other pigs.

Lily is interested in her pig-friends and in humans but is a bit shy.


I'm glad Conan had a great last show. I watched him on Late Night for years, and I've always been a fan. Of course, I don't even watch broadcast tv anymore, so I've only seen his Tonight Show in clips.

Which doesn't stop me from having an opinion!

I think the I'm with Coco has tapped into something. O'Brien's a talented guy and will continue to do well, he didn't need rallies for that. What this did to is tap into a sense of frustration. In the US & Europe, the retirement age is rising. It's already comparatively high here--we have many more people working into their late sixties and into their seventies than they do in Europe.

What we haven't embraced is a way for executives to step down.