Wang's in Somerville

Fantastic meal at Wang's in Magoun Square last night. I hadn't been in probably a year, so I turned to this old Chowhound thread for advice.

We ordered:

sweet and sour shredded turnip
cucumber with garlic sauce
Peking style shredded pork with plum sauce
spicy shredded beef with hot peppers
Singapore rice sticks (shrimp and pork)

The turnip (My Wang's staple, always fantastic) and cucumber are cold appetizer dishes, and a great start to the meal. I didn't get the famous dumplings but will likely get some of those for the holidays soon. (They sell them frozen in packages of 50.)

The pork, beef and noodles turned out to be a great combination. The rice noodles were surprizingly gingery and a great foil to the beef with peppers and sweet pork. The noodles were a bit spicy too, and we finished the plate. I'm still thinking about it 12 hours later!

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