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Two and a half weeks!

The babies just keep growing! I am determined that Zim, Gir and MiniMoose be good shoulder rats. So far so good, although they are so fast they are hard to photograph!

Our Sweet Ralph

Ralph, a very human-centric, warm shoulder rat, was adopted today. He'll be with other rats, and his new owners can't help but love him, he's so gentle and cuddly with humans. We will miss him around here!


We adopted "Tom" and two sweet, shy PEWs from Lucky's litter. So nice to have little ones!

little fuzzy babies

We're meeting the Mainely Rat Rescue transport on Sunday to get the baby rats!

William and Benji

William and Benji moved into their forever home in October. They were shy and sweet rats who would often fall asleep in a hood.


Ralph is our wonderful, friendly foster rat that goes to his forever home soon. He loves people and shoulder rides most of all.

Penny and Judy

Our foster rats, Penny and Judy, posing.

Guinea Pig care

Guinea pigs are beautiful, social creatures that require lots of space, unlimited hay, good nutrition, and special care. Please visit Guinea Lynx and Guinea Pig Cages to learn more about guinea pigs and their needs, and pass the word on to anyone you know with a guinea pig!

Rats, Rats, Rats!

New baby rats this week! A blue hooded boy and two PEWs. I'm so excited.

Penny and Judy

We are fostering two truly lovely rats, Penny and Judy. We have slushy wintry weather here in MA, but I get to sit here and play with rats. All I need are tea and cookies (soon, I think)!